Selection of recent works

  Microsoft Learning Suite Microsoft Learning Suite

The Microsoft Learning Suite combines familiar applications with software that helps students get more out of education.

My Role: Design of the Microsoft Learning Suite and CD Cover.


Name of the project Noel Kennedy Photography

One of the most popular wedding and commercial photographers in the Sligo region.

My Role: Website design / development / SEO / print design / photo correction and alterations services

TeachNet TeachNet

Through TeachNet Ireland, teachers have access to curriculum resources, curriculum and technical specialists, grants and a supportive network to further develop their skills.

My Role: Design of the TeachNet Website

Precision Timing Limited Precision Timing Limited

A New Experience In Sport Event Management

My Role: Branding / identity guidelines / website design / front-end development

Candy's Cave Candy's Cave

Candy's Cave is a home for Dinky, a space donkey who came to earth in search of Carrots, and Candy the Panda, owner of the CandyCave looking for a friend and engineer who can help him make his Candied Soda. The two meet and head out on wild adventures. Currently in prototype, these are inital illustrations.

Illustration work Illustration work

Examples of general illustration work


ProWealth ProWealth

Professional Wealth Management Services Ltd

My Role: Branding / identity guidelines / stationary design is the exclusive Irish e-commerce offering of HP products in one place.

My Role: Website design / development / wordpress blog theme / flash banners / print adverts

Flexequip Flexequip

Flexequip has set itself the goal of bringing companies a more flexible way to manage their requirements for business equipment.

My Role: Brand design / identity guidelines / web design / development / SEO / print design


One of Ireland’s most innovative companies, MAC deliver leading-edge products and services in software, electronics and wireless communications.

My Role: Website design / development

Sharptext Sharptext

Sharptext is Irelands largest Irish distributor of IT and entertainment products and is part of DCC plc.

My Role: Website design / development / email marketing campaigns / print design

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